The prices that we have mentioned on the website are in your local currency. It Is suggested that in order to be sure of the currency that you are looking at you should check the currency symbol beside your total dollar amount at check-out. If you are not able to see your correct currency it is advisable to clear your cookies and cache and try incognito mode on your web browser.


Payment through all major credit cards is allowed (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as PayPal payments. We also offer different payment plans.


It is mandatory to charge sales tax from the following states, Wisconsin, Washington, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey, Nevada, Nebraska, Michigan, Maryland, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Colorado, California, Arkansas and New York. 

The reason for charging this tax is because the local government has made it compulsory and the tax directly passes to them and we are no way benefited from it.


Your credit card company or bank might charge a fee of $1-$10 if you are ordering from an international country. This fee is charged directly by the bank and we cannot refund it as it is not charged by Sewin Hair. You Should contact your credit card provider or bank directly in regards to this fee. 


We make sure that no card information is ever saved at Sewin Hair. It is our duty to treat the private property of the card holder with utmost care. The transactions are done through secure payment modes that are used all over the world and are heavily encrypted with third party payment processors.

Apart from ensuring the absolute safety of your credit card and personal information, Your checkout experience is protected by industry standard 128 Bit SSL encryption as well which protects your private data.


Always make sure that you have entered correct contact information as well as billing address as it appears on your bank or credit card statement. Transaction may not proceed if you have filled wrong information that does not match exactly what your bank or credit card provider has on file. Few of the transactions may also be held for further verification by our customer experience team. Thus make sure that you have entered the correct shipping address (street number and name, city, state, and zip code) as we will not be liable for packages that are sent to the wrong address if the address information is wrongly entered.