Hair extensions are widely used to transform your hair without causing damage to the original ones. Washing hair extensions carefully is a crucial task to maintain the shine and healthiness of the hair extension in the long run. Sometimes your hair weave requires more care than your natural hair and often it becomes a tedious task to wash and dry the hair extension.

Today in this article we are going to guide our users step by step procedure of washing a hair weave correctly :

1 . MAKE SURE TO WASH YOUR HAIR WEAVE AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK : Many a times dust particles and other pollutants get stuck to your hair weave making it dull and damaged. Thus, it is necessary to wash your hair weave minimum once a week in order to make sure that no dust has accumulated in it.

2 . REMOVE ALL THE EXISTING TANGLES FROM THE HAIR WEAVE : For this use a wide-toothed comb or your own fingers to get all the tangles out of your hair weave. Start from your hair ends and gradually move up to the roots of your hair. Be very cautious while doing so as natural hair is quite easy to untangle as compared to a hair weave and extra force might damage the hair weave permanently.

3 . GIVE A WARM WATER RINSE TO YOUR HAIR WEAVE : Warm water are known for deep cleansing of the hair. It will also make it easy for you to identify the wefts so that you are aware of the fact on which area of your head you should be focusing on.

4 . SHAMPOO YOUR HAIR WEAVE PROPERLY : Be gentle while shampooing your hair weave in order to avoid unnecessary tangles. Start shampooing your roots and gently move towards the end of the hair weave. Use a mild shampoo which is sulphate and paraben free. 

5 . USE A CONDITIONER : After shampooing your hair weave apply some conditioner. Conditioners are meant to be applied only on the length of your hair weave and not the roots. It will make the hair soft, smooth and frizz free.

6 . USE AN ANTI-BACTERIAL SPRAY WHILE THE WEAVE IS DRYING : Hair weaves sometimes tend to get a foul smell if they are kept wet for a long time. This is mainly due to build up of mold or bacteria. If you are also facing such an issue, it is better to give your weave an anti-bacterial spray while it’s drying.

7 . LET YOUR WEAVE AIR DRY – Avoid using a hair dryer for drying your hair weave as the heat which is emitted from it might damage the weave. Let your hair weave air dry or you can also sit in front of a table fan to speed up the drying process. Make sure your have dried your weave thoroughly otherwise wet weaves have the risk of forming build up of molds and bacteria which will leave your weave smelling.