When it comes to different kinds of hair weave, virgin hair is the best and the most popular amongst the women all over the world. It has got high demand due to its durability and top quality. 

Here are few reasons why virgin human hair is considered the best in hair weave :

MORE STYLING OPTIONS: Chemically treated hair often becomes difficult to style as there already exists some bleach and in it which makes it even more difficult to infuse them with a new style or colour as they might not accept the colour very easily as compared to virgin human hair. On the other hand 100% virgin human hair extension gives you the flexibility of trying different styles and colours on them.

EASILY BLENDS WITH YOUR NATURAL HAIR : Virgin human hair extensions blend easily with your natural hair. If you choose exactly the same colour which is of your natural hair it practically becomes impossible for the human eye to differentiate it from your original hair. 

CAN BE COLOURED EASILY : The quality that 100% virgin human hair has is absolutely pure as it comes from a single donor so there is no chance for impurity or any kind of adulteration. It can be styled and coloured easily as per your choice or convenience as it is unprocessed hair.

SOFT HAIR : Virgin hair extensions are considered a lot more soft than other hair extensions. It can be easily washed, oiled, conditioned and styled just like your original hair. It has got minimum shedding when compared to other synthetic hair extensions making it long lasting.

Therefore, it is always a perfect choice to go for 100% virgin human hair while buying a hair weave.